Changing sessions with Ctrl-Alt+Fx

I recently read in a linux manual that you can swich session jus pression Ctrl-Alt-F2, Ctrl-Alt-F3, and so on. When you want to get back to the first one (the number one), is has assigned F1, so I press Ctrl-Alt-F1 and here are my siuation:

  1. The system ask me to log in again. I don’t know why because I was already logged in Session F1 (I want someone just to explain e how this is works). I’m consider me a little newbie already.

  2. Second, I logged, with my user and password, I run ps -ef, and see that all the process I was running are there the only problem is (and here I DO need a command or something), I was sayin, the problem is that, the process are there, but I am ina text mode, not in the kde graphics mode.

How can I get back to graphics ? This is very important for me. The first question is only to know, but the seconnd is crucial, because, anytime this happens the only solution I found is loggin as root and do shutdown -r now

I would like to return from texto to graphics without doing that.

Well, that’s all. I hope not boring you with my large question. Maybe I can be a little more briefer.

Best Regards


The GUI session is usually on VT7.

To get from the GUI to one of the 6 console sessions, use Ctrl-Alt-F1 - F6.

To get from a console session back to the GUI, use Alt-F7.

In other words the Ctrl is only needed when coming from the GUI.

Remember they are parallel sessions, so you are still logged in at the console if you did not log out before switching.

Ok. I get it now!

Ctrl-Alt-F7 I return to my session

Thanks a lot for the answer! (and It was ver fast as I can see :wink:



Just a sidenote, from KDE or Gnome you can start a new session on VT8 and 9 so you can eventually run Gnome and KDE along each other and switch between both of them easily in the same way.