Changing screen resolution

I’m running 11.0 now and set my screen resolution to 1440x900 and hit save settings, but it didn’t change the settings and now the taskbar is gone. Does this only work after you install it? Isn’t it suppose to work via live CD?

I am not sure that 1440x900 is a standard resolution. What graphics card do you have? Did you install the proprietary Driver when one exist?

I have a Nvidia FX 5200 card. I’m running live cd now. I thought that it would be able to set up a common 1440x900 resolution. Do I have to wait until I install it? then where do you go to set up Nvidia drivers?


I think if you’re running the LiveCD then it may not save your settings after you restart.

… installed and was able to configure video card to 1440x900. Great!

Where do you go to set up audio/visual programs, installing libdvdcss2 and w32codecs? Where are they?

It is in the pacman repo

also have a look here