changing permissions on usb as non-root

I access a openSUSE 11.0 system as user. This does not allow me to change permissions of my ext3 formatted usb and so i am unable to write anything. On a system where i am root, the usb is rw for root as well as users. Is there any solution and does it have to do with group id?

If an ext3 partition is mounted in directory abcd at /path_to/abcd. Then if you issue this command in a console:

sudo chown your_username:users /path_to/abcd

That will make you the owner and you will be able to write to it.

Edit: also, if you do these:

chown root:users /path_to/abcd
chmod 775 /path_to/abcd

It should be writeable for the all of group “users”