changing permission of subdirectories

i just found a stupid condition
when i try to change permissions of a folder with subfolders(or some folders with subfolders) and in permissions tab i change the name of root to myself and check "apply change to all subfolders ,) and click ok , it shows a dialog box that after some seconds it vanishes but the strange thing is that just some of the subfolders’s permissions get changed :frowning: not all of them.

i have done this as root so its not permissions fault but konquerer’s fault i think .

Is there anyone that can help me ?

i did the same with dolphin and it works beautifully …
so why konqurer doesn’t work as it shold??
i mean why does konqurer just changes just some of subfolders’s permission not all of them?

I’ve experienced the same problem, I think with every version of openSUSE I’ve used over the years. The only way I can be sure permissions are changed on all folder contents is by using CHMOD in console.

Use file manager super user mode to navigate to the .dir
right click - properties
don’t edit the user, just change the 3 drop boxes in permissions tab
to can view and modify
apply to all sub dir

chmod and chown are two different things per se. For the most part, most people only really need to focus on chmod.

chmod sets permissions for the owner, group, and everyone. chown sets the owner (and group).

It’s probably not the correct way to do this, but I’ve always used:

chown -hR username /directory

The only time I use this is that I have extra partitions I mount as mount-points in / that are simply data storage/VM storage.

i did it exactly like you said but still same result
i thought Linux was supposed to be stable and do the little works great but why its gui cant change permissions of subfolders like in windows ,is beyond me

Are you using Konqueror from KDE 4 or KDE 3? I just tested it, and it works exactly as it should here with KDE 3.

Also, where is the folder. In your /home? or /root?
other? Is it ext3, vfat, or ntfs??

what is the settings for the partition that the folder is a part of: see /etc/fstab

I am using konqurer from KDE3
and dolphin from kde4

and the folder is /usr/share/stardict/dic or something like this (it for stardict dictionaries )
and it is ext3

OK. In my sys /usr/share
owner is : root

Why do you need to change this. It should not be necessary.

You can write to these folders by opening a super user file manager

i know this and i wanted to add some dictionaries to stardic and i did it with super user file manager ,but folders permissions got stuck with root and others ( including me ) couldn’t use those dictionaries. so i needed to change those folders’ permissions :slight_smile: