Changing NIC bus id

I have a room full of identical machines and put 11.1 on one and used ghost to set up the rest. Everything works fine except networking. About half the machines seem to have a different bus id for the nic so networking has to be manually configured on them.

All of the machines have identical hardware. Is there a way to set up the install so ghost is consistent across all the machines?

You can not change BUS IDs just like this.

The easiest way will be to exclude the file /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules when preparing the image.

You can safely delete it, it will be automatically created on next boot (or on running “udevadm trigger” as root).

If you have trouble figuring out how to exclude the file from the image you could also make a script that will remove | rename it, etc. so that it does not exist at boot in which case it would then be recreated. Just another way to go about it.