changing my hostname

A few days ago, I posted a thread of how do I change my default host name ? (By default linux named linux-sll1)

There were 2 answers that says that that name was in /etc/HOSTNAME
And it was there. The problem is that is in more places. And that I found ir, because mysql doesn’t rec0ognize it my new host name I wrote in HOSTNAME file.

So… the que question is:

Where I can chanche my host name so all applications, databases, etc, will see it ass I write.

I hope you understand what is happening. I don’t know if I do myself clear.

best regards


Does changing it in Yast–>Network Devices–>Network Settings–>Hostname/DNS
not do the trick?


Thanks !! That works!!

Issue closed !


Good good, glad it worked. :slight_smile: