Changing Motherboard

I am going to install a new Asrock motherboard (with Nvidea chips) and Nvidea 256Mb video card.
Will I need to install Suse 11 again or will the system recognize the new motherboard. I can obtain drivers for the video card but am concerned that Suse won’t be able to configure for the new motherboard. Do I need to worry?

Motherboard is:
Northbridge: NVIDIA® GeForce 6100
Southbridge: NVIDIA® nForce 410 MCP

Video Card is:
GEFORCE Nvidia 8400GS (256 MB)

You can but try. It’s quite a major move.
I suspect a re-install is likely your best way forward. You can keep all your data by not formatting /home

Can’t you re-detect the hardware with the repair system option on the installation disk? I recall doing this after a HD change, or something.

Might work. It’s surely worth a shot. If it was me, i would first try doing nothing, then if fails i would try a repair then in the worst case only reformatting could help. But i think its really unpredictable what the behavior will be.

davegila, make sure to keep us posted about your findings, its an interesting issue!

I did a similar upgrade and it worked for me, thou i even changed the CPU so i upgraded to 64 from 32 bit but my 32 bit worked before i upgraded


Hi all, thanks for the help.
I will keep you informed as soon as the motherboard arrives, I ordered it last Friday and I’m still waiting.

Also have a look here

Gives some more idea of what can go wrong, why it does and what you can do to fix it :wink: