Changing mobo/cpu


Quick questions please… I currently have opensuse 11.3 installed on a pc. I am thinking of upgrading the motherboard and cpu.

If i do this, can i just power it back on and everything is back to normal?


On 05/03/2011 02:06 PM, zokstar wrote:
> If i do this, can i just power it back on and everything is back to
> normal?

well, that will depend on what you buy…it is certainly possible to buy
a new motherboard that is 100% hardware compatible with [blank]
operating system, or absolutely NOT compatible with [blank] operating

and, you can insert into that [blank] any of these: Win3.1, WinXP, Win7,
Red Hat 8, openSUSE 11.2. Mac OSX, AIX, etc etc etc…

if it comes in a box look and see if it has a Tux printed on the box
near the broken window logo…

to be extra sure, buy one certified to work with the SUSE Linux
Enterprise closest to your 11.3, search here:

you might also get some hints from the openSUSE hardware compatability
list, but the wiki is kinda
spotty in its coverage and completeness (if users don’t report, it won’t
be included.)

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I doubt it. That does not mean that you can’t make it work. Even if everything is compatible you are likely to have to edit things to get a fully working system. You need to check for compatibility of the chipsets for things like audio, video, lan etc. Not all are supported or supported well. Also check for CPU support & M/B support. The newer the technology the more likely you are to have problems with 11.3 and even 11.4. If you are thinking of a sandybridge system then you need to do lots of research and you probably need 11.4. Backup everything before you upgrade and make sure you have a working 11.4 live CD or similar to fix problems if the system does not boot

A couple weeks ago I replaced my wife’s computer mobo, but kept the sempron cpu. No issues except intermittent short desktop freezes that a nvidia driver reinstall fixed.

Changing the cpu is much less traumatic than a motherboard, so I guess that if you stay in the same mobo/cpu “family”, it should not be hard. Now, if you’re changing, say, from an atom pineview combo to a phenom X4 am3 mobo, you may find yourself doing a full fresh OS install, so do your backups first.

thanks for all the replies!!

I’ll be going from a Intel 775 1.6 dual core to more of a 2.8 core 2 duo cpu

motherboard will be quite different.

i guess there is only one way to test this out! Will let you know how i go!