Changing logon screen with Cinnamon desktop and LightDM

Tumbleweed snapshot 20180314 introduced two new start-up backgrounds to my computer: one for the grub menu, the other for the LightDM logon screen of my Cinnamon desktop.

I like the new grub menu, but am not wild about the new background for the LightDM logon menu. (And understand that developers can’t please everyone.) I’d like to go minimalist and aim for an all-black background for my logon screen, perhaps by substituting all-black .jpgs for the current wallpaper .jpgs.

I believe that the relevant .jpg files are in:


Can I just create all-black .jpgs of the appropriate dimensions, copy them over to this directory as root and change permissions? Or is there something else that ought to be done?

I ask without first experimenting because I recall making a nice mess with a similar experiment with an Antergos Linux VM configured with LightDM. I didn’t take notes, have forgotten the details of the mess, but it wasn’t easy to fix.

If there’s another setting I could change – or another place I could put the customized wallpapers – well, I’m all ears.

For this type of thing,
I generally see if an Arch Wiki page exists for the technology, and there is one for LightDM

As for the Grub menu,
If you want to make any modifications like changing the background, re-positioning and changing text formatting (not the text content),
I wrote a series of scripts ages ago…
Although I haven’t updated them past 13.2, you can modify what is obvious to make them work for TW or any other current version of openSUSE.
The main reason I wrote the scripts back then (and the issue still exists today) is that the very wide margins truncate the entries so you can’t see what each entry is (You may have to guess the kernel version for example).

Just download and extract the packages, inspect the self-documented script, modify, change the background if you wish and run.


Thanks the tip, tsu2! I’ve used Arch resources before, don’t know why I didn’t think of looking there for information on configuring LightDM. I’m not sure if the ‘Changing background images/colors’ section will work for me “out of the box,” as I’ve got the slick greeter rather than one of those listed … but, it’s a good start. I can create another virtual machine, tinker.

I bookmarked your Grub menu page for future reference. Much appreciated.

Figured it out!, thanks to configuration information at:

and a sample slick-greeter.conf file at:

I may now wallpaper as I wish. <g>