Changing KDE5's wallpaper

A number of monitors these days have warning messages about ghosting. This includes some IPS panel type or appears to. If an image is left in place long enough it will leave a ghost image behind when it’s moved or closed. The brighter the image or window is the worse the effect can be. To help get round this I used power management to turn the display of if no activity for 20mins. It doesn’t seem to actually turn the monitor off as the back light remains on but as it’s not a good idea generally to switch electronic things on and off more often than needed that’s not a bad idea.

Anyway I decided to go a bit further and use dark breeze which was fine when I made the change as the opensuse lamp background was retained. Since I have rebooted I can’t get that back and have multi coloured garish fairly bright background instead.

The only thing I appear to be able to change is the splash screen and that doesn’t change the wallpaper. The opensuse theme seems to have changed too, dark with ‘cracks’ rather than a lamp.

:’(How can I get the lamp back?

The dark breeze gives a clearer task bar so I do like that also the windows but for some reason Dolphin still has a white background.


Both solved. Right click desktop and lo there is a wallpaper section in desktop settings. :)No idea why I expected it to be in settings.

It’s also possible to load more there even one’s own.

Dolphin now uses a dark breeze black background - probably down to the reboot.