Changing init order of USB and IDE?

Hey folks,

I installed the live version of 11 on a 20gb laptop hd via USB on my desktop system, as my laptop has no CD drive. When I put it back into the older laptop (Dell Latitude c400) it wont boot to /dev/hda1 because it doesn’t see it until after the USB system inits, at which point it asks “/dev/hda1 not found, fall back on /dev/sda1?”. As soon as I plug in the USB drive I also installed the live version of 11 on, it continues to boot nicely (slowly but nicely), then I see /dev/hda1 and /dev/hda2 about a page later.

I’ve changed all the info for GRUB in /boot and /etc/fstab, but it still doesn’t work because of the order of initialization, can it be changed? Is there a way to change how the IDE system loads so it will load before the USB system?

Thanks for your support