Changing icons


some file extensions (like “.sxw” for old OpenOffice documents) have no icon (showing only the question mark). Under KDE3 I was able to change by using “Dateizuordnung” in the system settings (it’s the german word, I don’t know the name in the english version of KDE, perhaps something like “file extension links”), right clicking on the icon and choosing a new icon. Under KDE4 I can’t right click on the icon :(.

Does somebody know, how I can change the assigned icon to a file extension?




if you change the associated application, the icon should change as well. It is supposed to work like in KDE3: Right click, Open With, Other. Select the new app and make the change permanent by checking that little box.

Where does it fail?


Hi buckesfeld,

the e.g. “sxw” file extension is associated with OpenOffice Writer. I tried to the association and afterwards adding a new association with OpenOffice Write, but this doesn’t change the icon :(.



As far as I know, if you right click on the file, application or shortcut to it, click on properties, and then select the icon, it will bring up a list of icons with which to substitute it with. It’s certainly the way I’ve done things with both applications and files in KDE4.

Try using Dolphin to browse to the file if you can’t right click from the desktop.

Hi MaarteOS,

thanks for your answer. But also if I use try it in Dolphin as described by you, I can’t click on the icon to change it. In KDE3 the icon is a highlighted and you can see that you can change it, whereas in KDE4 the icon isn’t highlighted. These function seems to be blocked im my case.
Does it work on your computer?