Changing email address on this forum

I know I’m posting in the wrong section but I’m getting no response elsewhere. How do I get my email address changed. I have tried thru contact us and just get ignored. Changes via profile settings produce warning that password is wrong (It’s not)

“Settings”, left of “Log out”

there choose “change email”


That will not work.
On the main page of the forums, at right, there is:
Security Info:

Need to change your password or email address? Instructions are in our FAQ

And that leads to:

For changing password, see above. For changing email address, use the CONTACT US link on the bottom of this or any page. For security reasons, the Login system doesn’t pass sensitive data back and forth to the Forum software. Passwords are not stored in the forum software so you don’t have to synchronize them.

But, when I understand the OP correct, he used the “Contact us” at the bottom and there was no reaction.

This should of course have been in Forums Feedback > How to use the Forums, but I will try if I can draw the attention of staff to this thread.

It’s possible there may be an issue with the email feedback system with the separation of SUSE from Micro Focus. I’ll look into that. In the meantime, send me an email with the information for your requested change directly: (sentient beings should know what to remove in that address)

email sent direct to Kim, Waiting response.
Thanks all.