Changing display settings distorts screen

Can anyone explain why increasing the color depth of an otherwise working display makes it so X won’t work right and I can’t login to KDE?

I’m using KDE 4.1, openSUSE 11.1, virtual machine. It seems that if I ever try to change the display settings, like increase the color depth (even though I tested it), it makes it so when it tries to log into openSUSE the desktop appears for a few seconds, black-and-white and distorted, before it reverts to the login screen.

Furthermore, there is no way to change that setting back, neither via the login menu, nor via the IceWM or the failsafe option. I don’t know if this already has a bug/feature-request listing or not, but it seems a rather major flaw. Any insight or anyone making sure that there is the proper bug filing would be appreciated.

Your VMs display adapter cannot handle the display properly.

You don’t say whether you’re running this as a VM under VMware or XEN,
but in either case you have to realise that the guest OS does not see
the video hardware in your host; instead it sees only what the host
software is emulating. They emulate very low power video cards and you
simply cannot expect good performance or resolutions or fancy visual
effects when running as a guest.

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Both in Parallels and also VMware Fusion (I think) I see the problem. XP has no problems changing color depth or resolution, the test worked, and the result is unexpected. Furthermore, if not supported the option should not be present. Look, however good openSUSE is, I just hope the display controls in openSUSE get to be as good as those in XP.

Since it works fine in VMware Fusion 2.0 beta (You don’t need to change the resolution in the device since you can change the size of the window by just dragging it from the bottom right corner) I don’t know what you’re talking about.

More likely is that you haven’t installed the suitable tools for the virtual machine and thus you don’t even have the vmware/parallels video adapter installed - which would most definitely cause issues.