Changing desktop type cause plasma crash

Hi. I use opensuse 11.1 with newest KDE (I think it’s KDE 4.2.2) and I experience plasma crash whenever I try to change desktop type to anything other than “Desktop”.

I wanted to change to “Desktop folder view” because of the annoying behavior of KDE, when it moves my desktop when I move my scroll wheel. It doesn’t occur when I use “Desktop folder view” mode.

PS.: One more thing - in this moment I managed to keep the “desktop folder view” mode active for more than few seconds without plasma crash. Right after changing to this mode I switched to another desktop, and then back. Plasma hasn’t crashed yet (and it always did after few seconds when i applied changes and reverted back to “desktop”)

You really have no ideas? it really seems ridiculous such bug hasn’t been fixed before. I think I even read one opensuse manual on the web which said this function was broken in kde4 (it referred to opensuse 11.1, so to kde 4.1.2 - strange it hasn’t been fixed yet in 4.2.2)