Changing default mail app for GNOME

On my newly upgraded opensuse 11.4 with GNOME, I was trying to change my default mail client. I go into Preferred Applications and under email, all it lists is Evolution. I would like to change it to my Groupwise client. Googling the problem, I found that I should be able to enter a custom command there for a new entry but there is no custom option:?. So I googled that problem and found that it’s a bug in Gnome.:confused: I found a few ideas for workarounds but I could never get any to work.

Any thoughts?

Fire up gconf-editor and search on mail, you should be able to change the evolution.desktop entry to your groupwise desktop name (you need to confirm the correct name of the .desktop).

OK, here’s what I tried so far…

I fired up gconf-editor and did a search for ‘mail’. Found several keys. The first I tried was /apps/panel/default_setup/objects/email_launcher, I changed its launch location from evolution.desktop to gwclient.desktop. Closed the editor and tried a link. It still pulled up evolution.

Then I found /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/mailto but it already has ‘groupwise %s’ in the command field. Below that was /schemas/desktop/gnome/url-handlers/mailto
and its command field was blank. But when I tried to modify it, I get a message that says ‘Currently pairs and schemas can’t be edited. This will be changed in a later version.’

I have a similar problem.will deleting “.gconf” folder in my home folder and restarting my system reset default apps and show up all the available apps in gnome 3.0?
I have two browsers and want bith of them to show up in default list ?

I’m using gnome 2.32.1 if that helps the troubleshooting.

Nevermind, found it myself.

Wallpaper Slideshow

The only thing is that is stores the xml and config files as hidden files in your personal home directory so I manually copy them to the same folder that holds the jpg’s just to be more organized.

Sorry for a late reply, but how does that wallpaper changer help with changing the mail client?