Changing colours for each virtual console

Hi all,

How can I change the colour for each virtual console seperately?
I.e. blue for console 1, green for console 2, etc. I’m using SuSE 11.4.
It worked under SuSE 11.1 like a charm.



I guess you mean the virtual desktop within a graphical session in a desktop environment. (Which one?)

Virtual consooles are the ones you reach with Ctrl-Alt-Fn.

Hi Henk,

once again: I mean the vrtual desktops!



If I remember correctly, KDE nowadays calls these “Workspaces”.

I had the same problem. Of course the background of the different virtual desktops shloud be different else you wouldn’t know where you were. But KDE 4 d id not offer the feature I thought. Well it does, but it is that difficult that I do not know exactly any more howe I did it. May be you can try some experiments.

Go to the cashew nut like thing in the upper right corner of the screen. Right click and use “Unlock widgets”. Right click there again and choose something like "configure desktop. Try there. Do not forget to lock your widgets again.

Hi Henk,

“configure desktop” will NOT do the trick. Anybody else out there who
can help?

Thanks again,


Do you mean that it does not do anything or that it changes all of them together?

Hi Henk,

it changes all of them together.


Thanks. Yes, that is the problem. I have to search for that solution. Must be in a thread started by me. You could help searching here on the forums :wink:

Could take some time, dinner in a few moments. :wink:

Hello Uwe,

I found my thread and it points to the following: Multiple Desktop backgrounds, KDE 4.3.
I did not rereadd or check it, but please look if it helps.

On 2011-04-06 15:06, unass wrote:

> once again: I mean the vrtual desktops!

So, not the virtual consoles.

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Carlos E. R.
(from 11.2 x86_64 “Emerald” at Telcontar)