Changing Color Depth in 11.4 KDE

Hi All…

I was hoping if anyone can help me

  1. Identify what my current color depth setting are? (default opensuse 11.4 KDE install)
  2. How do I change it? Am assuming it is set to 32bit now, would like to set it to 24.

The reason is my little netbook really burns up when i play a video… acer aspire one and one of the reason why I installed linux over windows 7 was that I wanted my laptop to run faster … apart from the fact that I would have installed suse anyways!! :smiley:

hmmm… can i atleast get someone to tell me what should i be reading… ? or what is the default color depth that opensuse 11.4 installs X11 with?

I tried playing around with xorg.conf and files in xorg.conf.d,… with intel and intellegency and DefaultDepth and all… bt not sure I see any difference…

Given the nature of your question I suspect you would be more likely to get an answer from Workspace • KDE Community Forums