Changin kicker icon size (not K menu)

Hi all,

I’m trying to change the icon size of my icons in the kicker bar.

I’ve found out how to change the size of the icons in the K menu, but not of the icons in the bar itself.

To clarify which icons I’m talking about… beside the K menu icon there is an icon to show the desktop, another to go to my $home, and then some icons I put there for the apps I use more often (firefox, openoffice-writer, etc). This last icons (I have around 10) are taking a lot of space. I would like to make them smaller and to put them in two rows of 5 icons instead of in one row of ten.

Can anyone tell me where can I change that? I’ve been messing around with kickerrc but I haven’t found the correct parameter.


What version of KDE do you have? if it’s 4 it can only be changed in the latest 4.12.
If you have that version you can click on the plasma icon to the right of the clock an you will see a hight control in the middle. Change the size by dragging on the corners to make it smaller and the panel icons will also resize.
Can’t remember hoe to do it in KDE3x


In KDE3.x you change the size of the icons by editing Kicker settings (right-click on Kicker/Kicker settings/Size). You can even set a personalized size (besides the default presets available).

I have kde 3.5.9 (release 49.1)

when I right click an icon I only see:

move Firefox button
remove Firefox button
configure Firefox button

if I select the configure option a dialog box opens but there’s nothing about it’s size in it. Just:

Button title
Command line arguments
Run in terminal window (checkbox)
And a button to select the icon, but not the size.

Maybe I’m not looking in the correct place.

Thanks for your replies so far.

You must righ-click to an empty part of your Kicker; the first options should be Unlock Taskbar and Help. When you click Unlock Taskbar, you get the options I’m talking about. I sure hope we’re talking about the same thing here:P My KDE is Slovenian, so the stuff will have slightly different names on your system…


We are talking about the same thing. I find all the menu items you say, but when I open them there is nothing about changing the icon size.

Do you have a screenshot?

Thanks a lot for your help anyway.

You’re perfectly right, there’s no option to actually modify icon sizes: it’s done by modifying the size of the toolbar (or taskbar or Kicker or whatever it’s called in KDE) – when you do that, its icons get automatically resized too.

But I did that before (well, it was done automagically) with Kubuntu. I had KDE 3.x and my kicker bar was double high than the icons, and the icons were nice tiny icons ocuppying two rows, like this… (let’s see how I can do ascii art):

big   xxxxxx Firefox OpenOfficeWord Kate Whatever  Clock
 k    xxxxxx Amarok etc.                           Clock

Ok, the big K is the K menu, double height.
Every x is one icon, so there are twelve in two rows :slight_smile:
The texts (firefox, etc) are the open windows in the taskbar
And the clock at the most right corner, double height as well.

Well… I guess is not so much important and I will get used :slight_smile: