Changes to akonadi/kmail - cannot get to my emails any more

In my network I have a little NAS and years back I changed the configuration that the emails are downloaded there. The paths could be added either through the Applications Menu > Settings > System settings and there used to be an icon into which you could enter all the paths for your email folders. On my computes I changed the paths so that I could get kmail connecting to the NAS. Another methode was to change the path in the akonadiconsole. Now after upgrading the akonadiconsole does not exist any more and I have not found any other place where I can set (or check) the path. Through the command line I can see that the ~/.config/kmail2rc contains no path any more but in ~/.config/akonadi_maildir_resouce_1rc is the path still listed as Path$e]=$HOME/ulimnt/.kmail/mail/ which is correct. However as when I open Kmail it probably opens the standard path and my folders and my emails are not there. How can I change the path back to NAS? Where is akonadiconsole? ANy help is very much appreciated!

OK, I found that akonadiconsole needs to be installed extra - so after doing this kmail opened as it should. However I have some other gripes - My laptop has a maximal resolution of 1366x786 and some of the configuration windows cannot be reduced so I cannot get to the OK button or edit button (see and Can these (especially the kmail configuration window somehow forced to get smaller - otherwise I cannot use these windows.

There is a somewhat hidden function by which you can push windows without using the titlebars. Hold the left Alt key and left click hold anywhere within the window. You can then push the window upwards until the buttons come into view. Works in every window manager unless explicitly deactivated or thwarted like with braindead metacity. Or maybe gnome folks have come to senses and removed that stupid impenetrable upper border.

The rest is theming and styling. Breeze is especially bad for low res screens because of the insane amount of padding space. Use something more space efficient like QtCurve which offers a wide range of tweakable options. And it even looks better :wink:

Thank you markdd, I didn’t know this function. Cheers Uli