changed port of wireless mouse receiver; now mouse stops working after suspend

Hello, I recently moved my logitech wireless mouse’s receiver from the back of my computer (where it had since setup) to one of the ports on the front.

Initially after the swap, the system did not detect the USB mouse being plugged in, however after restart everything seemed fine, and I benefitted from greatly increased range (okay so I wanted my mouse to work from my bed ;-])

However, whenever I choose suspend to disk, the mouse will not be functional upon resume and a soft restart is necessary to get the mouse to work. There was never a problem with using the suspend function before I moved the receiver.

No, I have not tried moving it back, no I don’t want to move it back, a USB dev should be able to use any port and is supposed to be hot swappable. Like I said it works great unless you suspend and resume.

I’ve been investigating this for a week and I am out of ideas, any suggestions? Thanks!!