change yast default keylength (encrypted partition)


I want to encrypt a partition with a keylength of 256 bit and chipher aes-xts-plain.
To do this manually, I can use this command to set up the luks partition:

cryptsetup luksFormat -c aes-xts-plain -v -y -s 256 /dev/sda2

This creates the appropriate luks header with

Cipher mode: xts-plain
MK bits:     256

(verified with “cryptsetup luksDump /dev/sdb2” ).

But when I try to create the encrypted partition with the yast partitioner module I always get a luks header with:

Cipher mode: cbc-essiv: sha256
MK bits:     128

regardless of the password length I choose and no other options can be set for the encryption. Is there a way to change the settings yast uses (to 256 bit keylength and ciphermode aes-xts-plain) when creating an encrypted partition with the yast partitioner (e. g. a config file where these defaults are stored and that can be edited) ?

Thanks for your help
L. B.