Change Xfce lock screen

Dear all,
I have installed from the dvd the opensuse 12.2 with the xfce. Everything works almost fine. One thing that I want to improve is that when locking computer, or resuming from sleep/hibernate a really old-80s-looking screen appears for the credentials.

Would it be possible to change it with a better looking one and how?


Absolutely. In yast software management, remove xscreensaver and install gnome-screensaver. And then in xfce settings manager, go to sessions and startup -> applications autostart, and check “Screensaver” at the bottom. Then press alt+f2 and run: gnome-screensaver

(Or log out and back in)

I tested this now and it works.

Thanks a lot that indeed worked! Great!!
Could you please let me know if you have also some text editor (not too heavy) for xfce (for opening txt files and writing some time simple code snippnets)


I installed mousepad from the open build service xfce repo, and it works great (its a complete rewrite of the old mousepad). You might try leafpad or gedit for something that isn’t in an external repository.

Xfce has a new text editor replacing mousepad, it is called leafpad which is installed by default when you install xfce in your system.

We have mousepad in use again. And it is much better than leafpad.

remove xscreensaver and install gnome-screensaver

I’d recommend to install xlockmore.