Change Time Format on Gnome 3 under SuSe 12.1

Hi all, I am using Gnome on Suse 12.1 and on advance settings I have managed to set day of the week and month, it is shown on format (Day of the week) (Month) (Day of the month), Hours:Minutes . I would like it to be shown as (Day of the month) previous to (Month), so it will be (Day of the week) (Day of the month) (Month), Hours:Minutes. Also if it was meant to be possible, could a word be included in between (Day of the month) and (Month), such as “de” so it’ll show something like:

Domingo 8 de Abril, 10:39

I would appreciate any help leading me to solve this. Thank you.

Can you tell me how you did that, silly question, I know, because I had do ne there before and now I can’t remember how :frowning: , would be nice if you told how exeactly you changed the format. Right now my format is only DAY TIME I would like DAY MONTH TIME, or anything that has the month in it.