Change theme in 11.4

Ok after having had the same kind of problem with 11.3 I’ve got the same problem with 11.4.

I’m finding the interface too minimalist and Apple-style (the volume icon resemble to me the wireless icon from iOs/OS X/Ubuntu and so on) and I don’t like the windows decoration, I prefer the old Oxygen from 11.2, which is the Nitrogen from 11.3.
So I’ve gone to System->Appearance->Windows but this settings is way different from before.
How I can do this ??](

And why all change everytime?
Is there any way to import the icon theme from 11.3?

Hello Buntolo,

AFAIK it’s System Settings->Workspace Appearance->Window Decorations.
There you should be able to configure it, although it seems that Nitrogen isn’t installed by default.

Not sure, most of the time I stick with the default themes, so change doesn’t harm (in most cases).

Not sure how, but I think when you’ve got the icons it should be fairly easy to import them.

Good luck!:wink:

Install the kde4-artwork packages. They will give you loads of extra wallpapers, themes, sounds etc.

It doesn’t exist, which is the exact name?
I’ve googled it but I don’t see anything.


Yast has a search feature that can help you find packages. Typing in artwork helped me find these.

Take Care,