Change the Start Button Icon KDE4

I have installed kde 4.3 on an old p/c for testing and prefer the ‘blue K’ menu start button to the suse green icon.

How can I change the icon - to the ‘blue k’ (on my main p/c) which is using kde 4.2.


That’s a little more tricky. I googled the heck out of this one while still using 4.x<4.3

You have to be using the openSUSE workspace branding or else it won’t work. Use a .svg image and name it default-branding-openSUSE.svg

It has to be placed in whatever current theme you’re using’s folder. This is located at /usr/share/icons

For example, if you were using the oxygen theme of icons, you would put it in /usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/places (or /places/scalable). It’s one of the two, I can’t remember as I don’t have any kde 4.2 boxes at the moment. Anyways just replace the openSUSE svg image in that folder (it’s named default-branding-openSUSE) with your custom default-branding-openSUSE and then change your icon set to another set, then change it back to oxygen and your icon will be there instead of the openSUSE lizard.

Hope this helps! Good Luck,


Sorry I just looked and it’s called start-here-branding.svg, not default-branding-openSUSE. You’ll find it in the folder so just look for the openSUSE icon and rename your icon to whatever the openSUSE icon was called. Then replace the openSUSE icon with your icon and follow the rest of what I told you.

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Thanks for that.

Exactly the info that I needed. The pic is called ‘start-here-branding.svq’ in usr/share/icons/oxygen/scalable/places. Just named that ‘old’ and re-named the ‘blue K’ icon as ‘start-here-branding.svq’.

Glad I could help :wink:

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