Change the booting interface

Hats off to opensuse’s 11.4 desktop appearance. It can even stand upto a MacOS . However a thing that spoils my whole mood is the screen that appears till the desktop is loaded. The foggy dark green colour isn’t that appealing.

Can anybody provide me some help with changing the background of that part. the gecko logo and the progress bar are fine, i just want to change that dead background. The opensuse 11.3 appearance was far much better.

I’ve managed to change the boot loader skin, the logon and splash screen

thanks for any help.

Hello melvinjose,

The theme can be found under /etc/bootsplash/themes/.You can either change the images of the openSUSE theme or create a new theme based on the openSUSE theme.

If you create a new one you also need to change the theme in the /etc/sysconfig editor.
YaST->System->/etc/sysconfig Editor in there select System->Boot->Theme and change it to your new theme.

You need to run mkinitrd as root when you changed the default theme or created a new theme.

Best of luck!:wink:

Thanks Edward I did it… but had to do some tweeking with the scripts… >:)