Change that 'puzzled penguin' thing

How can I change that ‘puzzled penguin’ tag line at the top of every post?

post more… :stuck_out_tongue:

[Less facetiously… I don’t think you can. They’re assigned according to post count.]

Fair enough, I guess.

Although, I would have sworn it was a setting when I set up my account originally, but that was a couple of years ago.

Would that perhaps have been on the other forums?

If you knew the answer you wouldn’t be a puzzled penguin. :slight_smile:

Don’t take the tag personally, it’s based on the post count. For all we know you could have experience stretching back to Linux 0.01.

Just did a search and found this post. Now that’s a person (Abdel, not the blog owner) with spare time.

Dusting Off the 0.01 Kernel | KernelTrap

i’m also a “puzzled penguin” currently but soon i will transform into a wise penguin…hope so…rotfl!rotfl!rotfl!

I would rate myself still to be a puzzled penguin. Posting much will not change that really (I guess). Maybe I should ask Kim to put me in a special group “Puzzled Moderators”.:

puzzled pistazienfresser

If we weren’t all puzzled from time to time would there still be a need for these forums? :wink:

Wow - it must be that everyone’s experience with 11.4 is the same as mine: pretty much problem-less and MUCH better than 11.3, since people have time to reply to a thread that’s two years old :slight_smile: