Change Skype font-size

Hi folks!

Obvious problem - Skype for linux doesn’t have settings to change its font size. And it’s a problem, when you have a fullhd screen, the font-size is just too small.

I googled that problem. Some says that qt4-qtconfig has to be installed, where you can change font size, then you need to edit some skype config file.

The problem is - zyppper couldn’t find qt4-qtconfig. And I couldn’t find the skype-config file with font options (though I found some configs in ~/.Skype folder).

Does anyone know how to make it step-by-step? Thanks in advance.

I’ve got OpenSuse Leap 42.1 with KDE.

People from Russian-tree forum helped how to solve it.

In opensuse “qt4-qtconfig” is libqt4-x11, then you need to open /usr/bin/qtconfig, change font size in it and then reload Skype. Of course, these changes will affect other qt-related programs too.