change resuliton


How can I change display resolution in openSUSE 12.3 and lxde. I have not fount something in YaST. I found only LXRandR 0.1.2. Ther no other choice then 1280x720, but I need 1280x1024. Should I install some packages to solve it?

Thanks for help.

As I understand it, LXRandR is your only choice unless you have installed a proprietary video driver, such as with nVIDIA, or AMD, if you had that choice. You did not indicate the video hardware you have and if in anything else you have ever used this requested resolution on this same PC.

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The PC is Raspberry Pi. I don’t know whether propriety video driwer is awailable for this machine.

I have not used one of these before, but I would stick with the Linux Distros said to work with it. I found a link for that here: Downloads | Raspberry Pi

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