Change request: logon screen

I have a request for change on both the logon screen after the system is booted and the logon dialog window after the screen is locked due to time out. The change would add the system name. I use a KVM to switch from one machine to another. Soon it will be four systems. It would be nice to know which system I am connected to before I enter the logon id or password.

the place to ask for such improvements is with the developers…they
are almost never here in this forum…talk directly to them here:

that is the single best way to get a new feature included…

until the pick up on it (won’t be today) you might use the forums
advanced function to seek out how to change the log-in screens you have…

someone ask just today or yesterday (ok, maybe this week) how to
customize their log in screen…seems you could do that for each
different machine, and be done…maybe…


For the login screen you can make the changes you want to see yourself.
Are you using kde4 with kdm as the window manager? If so navigate to /usr/share/kde4/apps/kdm/themes
How many themes do you have installed?
If you just have the default SUSE theme, then open the SUSE folder and open Background.jpg in the GIMP. You can easily overlay some text wherever you want on this image, in whatever colour you want and in whatever size and font you want. Then just save it as Background.jpg when you have done.

Alternatively modify the picture and save it with a different name, then edit (as root) suse.xml
In the very first section find the line which says:
<normal file=“Background.jpg” alpha=“1”/>
Change Background.jpg to whatever you have called your picture. If you wish you can also lighten your picture by increasing the alpha to, say, 1.3, and darken your picture by lowering the alpha to, say, 0.8. When you have done that, save the file and enjoy your changes. But why stop there? Why not use a favourite personal photo, resized to the same dimensions as Background.jpg?

Personally I dislike the official SUSE Background.jpg, and have installed other themes, whose pictures I have modified to my taste. Use Inkscape to modify *.svg images and the GIMP for all raster images.

Go to System Settings/Advanced tab/Login Manager, tick the use themes box on the first page, then go to the themes page and install some more themes. Once you have installed some more themes, you can change the theme you are using in Login Manager. Hope that helps. Have fun.

Ok thank you.

That is an interesting way of doing it. I’ll have to check that out more. Thanks!