change login screen?

one of the things i like about linux is its highly configureable.
so how does one change the login screen?i dont see a gdm mgr in suse 11.1,however i do see a gdm mgr in the pkgs,so do i nstall this?or is there another way?i went to install this pkg and a screen came up saying there were dependancy issues.
any help would be appreciated!
Rick :X

When you are a KDE user, you probably use *kdm *and not *gdm *which comes with Gnome.
For kdm you may have a look at ~/.kde4/share/apps/kdm/themes. I found this somewhere. But I am a bit sceptical as this is in ones home directory and I do not see how an end-user, who is not even loged in as the login screen is shown, can influence the login screen. Maybe you can find a similar path within the kde4 system installation.


sorry! i should have said i am using gnome!
my mistake.

Well, I know for a fact that Debian has a login screen customizing ability. Now, they do only give you a limited choice of backdrops/themes, but I would suspect that one could change this if one knew where the backdrop/config files were. The Debian file that does this is /usr/sbin/gdmsetup.

I was just looking for the same ability here in Suse, but haven’t found it yet.

Anyone have any idea on how to change the backdrop/splash screen/theme of the login window in Suse?

openSuse 11.1 has GNOME version 2.24.0; gdmsetup was removed from this version. You can find a lot of complaints about it if you google “missing gdmsetup” :slight_smile:

There are config files at /etc/gdm. Reference GNOME’s doc library: GNOME Display Manager Reference Manual

Gnome, the KDE gear, and the xfce mouse are having lunch. Which seems to be going well, until . . .

Bang! BANG! bang!

What was THAT!?

Simultaneously, all three say “The sound of me shooting myself in the foot.”

What are these guys thinking? KDE has major issues going into version 4, or at least that's what I hear. I know xfce moved backwards and removed their gui menu editor. And now gnome has shown it wants to keep up with the crowd? What could these guys POSSIBLY be thinking? How to spell phail?????

<<sigh>> One can only laugh, and move on. 

Thanks for letting us in on this.

Ok call me crazy but where in that link does it show how to change the login screen? Under section 5.3 - Daemon Configuration it states:

The /etc/gdm/custom.conf supports the “[daemon]”, “[security]”, and “[xdmcp]” group sections.

Is there a double secret configuration that only SUSE developers know about? Just a little frustrated. Thanks!


Well, the variety of features that gdmsetup provided are pretty much absent now; thus, the ‘lobotomized’ heading before. There’s something that provides that fabulous day/night background, so at least that can be done… But look through the config files on your Suse carefully, including the Post/Pre/whatever-Session scripts, to find out how things are getting done and how to accomplish what you want. The link isn’t a how-to, just describes the available options. Hopefully a GDM guru can step up with those wild secrets.

Good luck!

I haven’t tried either one yet, but check the two links below:
How to create own Grub Splash Screen | Linux Poison
Animated Penguin GRUB Splash Screen - openSUSE

Between the two, I’d think you could figure out “How-To”, and maybe post it back here. I seem to recall somebody did that, but I couldn’t find it.

Oh - and this, I hadn’t noticed this before:

Wow I have to give that a try. But my issue is with GDM. Still a good find :)!

Now I have more problems. Things got changed again under 11.2. Now the /etc/gconf/schemas/gdm-simple-greeter.schemas file no longer exist. ARGH!!! :\ :frowning: I guess I have to install KDM and make that work. Thanks for the help!


You have to manually tweak.

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