Change locale decimal separator (numeric and currency)

Hello everybody,
I have just installed the last version of OpenSuse for the first time. In fact, I have been using Ubuntu for some years and decided to have a look at other distros.
Now, what I would like to know with this post is how I can change the decimal separator for numbers and currencies formats, setting it to a character different from the default one which depends on the locale. I am using a locale which uses the comma as decimal separator, but I’d like to use the dot instead, maintaining all other settings of the locale I’m using.

Thank you very much in advance!

Hi, and welcome to the Forums!
That depends on the desktop you are using.
On Gnome, once I open the Region&Language settings panel, I see 3 separate buttons for “Language”, “Formats” (including decimal separator) and “Input Sources” (AKA Keyboard).
On KDE, open “System Settings” AKA “Settings” > “Configure Desktop”, then “Regional Settings” and you’ll find even more options.

thank you very much.
Indeed I forgot to specify that I’m using Gnome. And I see the region and language options, particularly formats.
The point is that I’d like to customize a little bit more these options, i.e. keeping one option for the dates and default currency and a different option for decimal and numbers group separators.
In the past I did this customization in Ubuntu by directly modifying the locales for the desired language and then regenerating the locale (locale-gen).

Thanks again.

To be more specific, I’d like to use the it_IT locale with switched decimal and group numbers separators: by default they are “,” (dec) and “.” (group), while I’d like to use “.” as decimal separator and “,” or the apex (’) as group separator. This would be for both numbers and currencies, while the default currency symbol should be the EUR one, €.


I’m using the following version of OpenSUSE with KDE:

NAME=“openSUSE Tumbleweed”# VERSION=“20170524”

In Numeric, Currency and Time Formats I’m not able to find option to configure custom settings leaving locale unchanged. For example, I would like to use different decimal separator.

Could you please clarify, if there is a way to configure this in Tumbleweed? Probably, I need to create new locale from scratch or modify existing one?

Seems that fast solution does not exist.