Change link of how to forums (remove read only part)

The How To part of the forums shows up as

How To/FAQ (read only)
Tips and Tricks for openSUSE Linux, reviewed by staff members for accuracy. (Under Reconstruction)

And while the (read only) part is true for the forum itself, it’s not for its “Unreviewed How To and FAQ” subforum.

But you only get there by clicking a “read only” link first, doesn’t seem very logical and has discouraged me from sharing some tips as I did not know I could post something in there.


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Hey Axeia:

> But you only get there by clicking a “read only” link first,

Thanks to Mr. Automatic reply for bringing this to my attention. :slight_smile:
What you say above is not quite correct. If you look on the forums
home page you will see a link to the
“unreviewed” forum immediately below the read only forum. IOW, you
don’t have to click the read only link first.

Kim (1/20/2009 8:46:04 AM Mountain)

It does however not make a clear distinction between what is and isn’t read only.
It’s even listed in the same tablecell as the read only part, this makes me assume that “read only” holds true for everything that’s before another tablerow starts.

Perhaps my logic differs from that of most? It (was) confusing to at least one user (me).

Does anyone else here have this same confusion? I’ve never heard of it
confusing anyone before.

We don’t mark all the forums that are open as open…that would be a
waste of text space. We only mark the ones that are not so they are
easily recognizable. Assume if it’s not marked read only that it’s open
for posting. Also, if you go into a forum, even if you are confused,
you can look at the bottom of the page under the POSTING RULES heading
and it will tell you what rights you have in that particular forum.

Kim (1/23/2009 3:37:17 PM Mountain)

Might just be me being odd :slight_smile:
While I have your attention, I’d like to request a sticky of YaST close after update - openSUSE Forums or if denied… I’ll make a post about it in the not-so-read-only forum :wink: