Change Konsole's prompt

Hi all,

Probably a frivolous question, but, is there a way to have the ‘$’ as prompt in the Konsole/shell? It currently has ‘>’. Or is this normal for bash?


Set the PS1 environment variable;

export PS1="\\e[32;1m\]\u@\h:\w$\\e[0m\] "

If it’s what you want, then add to your ~/.bashrc file (note you don’t need the export bit).

See more at;

You can even add emoticons these days as well…

Currently by default,
The two command prompts you describe happen to denote whether you are logged in as root or as a normal User.

Recommend you don’t modify those…

You can test for yourself… open a normal user console and your prompt will be “>”
“su” to root, and watch the prompt change to “$”


and for dummies like me:
It’s really easy!! :slight_smile:

Here on oS 13.2 and earlier it’s always been “#”. Did it change in Leap?

Just for sake of completeness, I’ve seen many examples in books and internet tutorials where the user prompt is “$”, as the OP likes.


Learning Linux with a book right now and their prompt for normal users is always $, and I wanted consistency. I can get the $ prompt if I use the sh shell, but I’d rather just bash. It’s just that the ‘>’ looks too Windowsy for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for all the replies, and sorry for not replying earlier myself, but when I saw the first replies and visited the linked pages I was blown away by all that code, variables and whatnot. Now I can understand things a wee bit better. Thanks again.