Change kernel boot parameters at livecd iso.

I need to add ‘toram’ boot parameter at livecd iso. Not during boot (not manually). But as part of string in isolinux.cfg. How can I do it in SuseStudio? Custom scripts applied to the appliance, before making iso. So I can change boot parameters into /etc/default/grub, but can’t in ‘/boot/x86_64/loader/isolinux.cfg’

Or how can I modify ISO image (add parameter into isolinux.cfg manually) and keep ISO bootable?

I tried genisoimage, xorriso, mkisofs … and images had been unbootable (after I unpack-change-pack it again)

I think you can edit the /boot/grub/loopback.cfg file (when you made the stick with usb-creator) or the /syslinux.cfg file (when you used unetbootin) on the USB stick to include this.

I would actually also want to know this…

I have overlay files to big for the defailt ramdisk_size leading to boot
failure of an ISO image; if you
change the ramdisk_size manually at boot it works but it would be nice
to specify a different default.


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