Change in inittab. Problem with login.


I work on a product that have to start automatically an application.
Running Opensuse 11.2

So in the inittab I have :
2:2345:respawn:/sbin/mingetty tty2

In the, if I don’t press any key, my application starts after a timeout.
If the user presses a key I want to have a login prompt.

Unfortunately, if I start /bin/login, I have a prompt with login, but once I enter my login, it does not ask for a password and it says wrong password :

If I do CTRL-ALT-F2, I have the login session and it works fine.

Any ideas ?


But exactly what do you have in your script about the login? I think you should start mingetty instead of /bin/login.

Well I found the issue.
Need to add tty0 in the /etc/securetty…
By default root login is forbidden in tty0 (and in console)

login with /bin/login looks OK.