Change in Activity Pager

On my primary desktop system – running Leap 15.1 – I am able to move applications from one KDE activity to another by left-clicking on the highlighted application and dragging it to the desired activity. This is really useful when recovering from a browser crash that took down 4-5 browser windows that were running in different activities.

Recently, I noticed that I was no longer able to do that on my laptop running Tumbleweed. Moving a window from one activity to another NOW requires:

  1. Right-clicking on the title bar.
  2. Selecting Activities
  3. Click on the checkbox for the target activity
  4. Click to uncheck the current activity

and, normally:

  1. Click on the title bar again to initiate the move.

Gosh… that’s easy peasy, right?

IMHO, user friendliness is right out the window with this change. What KDE component handles the Activity Pager? Can it be restored to whatever version is running on Leap? My desktop is 64-bit while the laptop is 32-bit. Can this be the reason for the difference in behavior? Slightly different codebases?

Good grief! If this is the future direction that the Activities feature is going to take on the Leap series I’ll need to reconsider KDE as a viable desktop.