Change icon for main menu item (GNOME)

I downloaded Eclipse and am trying to create a launcher for it in the main menu. I finally figured out that a .desktop file needed to be made in /usr/share/applications, but I can’t get the icon to show up. For the “Icon” field in the .desktop file, I tried giving an absolute path to an icon in my home folder, and I also tried putting the icon in all the folders under /usr/share/icons and just putting “eclipse” (the icon file name) as the value. I had copied this last from some of the existing .desktop files that worked, but still had no luck. Does anyone know how to do this?

Ok, I thought some screenshots might help illustrate…

I have a picture of my eclipse.desktop file, and the existing banshee-media-player one (which of course works fine):
mine ^
banshee ^
^ This is the result if I search for icon files. I have eclipse icons in all the folders where there are banshee icons, and then some.

<had to make a new post due to image limit>
^ This is the result. My eclipse launcher has no icon! However, I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong, I thought I did everything the way it was in the banshee example. :frowning:

Is there a reason that you are not simply creating the link using Control Center -> Main Menu?