Change how the CLI Looks

What I want basically :

How do I get that loop thingy into my cli ?

That’s just neofetch with color?

It might be, but what is neofetch ?

Maybe neofetch is what I am looking for.

Been googling for days, but do not seem to enter the right search terms.

Edit: what I mostly want is that tumbleweed logo in the cli.

I installed neofetch and for now I am happy.

So this is totally not what I was expecting and probably why I could not find what I was looking for.

This is so easy as install neofetch from our repositories, open up the konsole and type neofetch.

Then you see system info and the openSUSE logo. :slight_smile:

There are lots of options to configure it, check the --help or man page…

Oh and the ‘loopy’ thing is the infinity symbol if on Tumbleweed…

Thank you and yes, were I said openSUSE logo, I should have typed Tumbleweed logo. The infinity sign.

Lately been watching some benchmark and compare vids, Tumbleweed vs ARCH vs Fedora vs Debian.
Even saw a few ARCH users, switching to Tumbleweed, because on Tumbleweed we still have the newest stuff, but its allot more user friendly. ( We rest our case ;))

YAST and the openSUSE installer also getting allot of appreciation.

From speaking to other Linux users (not openSUSE) I learned no other distro has something like YAST, were you can do about all, even boot settings, without the CLI.

The thing I do not get is why openSUSE is less well known. SUSE is like Debian one of the oldest distro around.

In the movie Revolution OS about how Linux started, you see a floor with booths, Debian and SUSE were there.

The one thing bothering me though, that big A, when you see an ARCH desktop. with a console.
Now I am on the right track on how to do this on openSUSE. :slight_smile:


It absolutely amazes me that although the gnu/linux ecosystem has been stable for well over a decade, openSUSE is still the only distribution with a genuinely good installer. It is not perfect. Recent releases of YaST tend to foobar writing the correct boot parameters to bios when installing on UEFI with software raid, forcing me clean up the mess manually after the installation. I don’t think I had this problem with Leap 15.3, or anything prior. That said, try installing LMDE or Fedora on the same system. Good luck! Have fun! See you in few days! Hope you have lots of aspirin handy!

Other than YaST, installers are either almost or completely unusable for anything beyond an extremely simple system. I can and have installed numerous other distros on my box, but it is ALWAYS a royal pain as I run on encrypted software raid.