change gdm theme in opensuse 11.1 ?

I try to install a new gdm theme, since the default is plane ugly. But I can’t find any way to access the gdm setup. This used to work by pressing F10 in the textfield where you login. This no longer works. Does anyone know how gdm theme can be changed?

I don’t like it also, and I’ve been googling for it, but it seems that with gdm 2.24 you can’t change it :frowning:

You can change the gtk, icons and the background, but only by changing the distro defaults in /etc/gconf/gconf.xml.vendor/%gconf-tree.xml.

Look for the sections <dir name=“interface”> and <dir name=“background”> and change Gilouche (for both icons and gtk) to the themes you wish the greeter to use, and in the background section, change the path appropriately.

Currently this is the only way to change the theme of the new greeter.

Ok thanks for the reply!
One more question: I switched to a gtkstyle I downloaded (Aurora instead of gilouche). However this results in very ugly buttons so I assume it can’t find Aurora. This could be because Aurora.gtkrc is installed in my $HOME/.themes folder and gdm probably searches for themes somewhere else. But where does it search? If I knew this location I could copy my Aurora theme over there…

PS I don’t like this stripping down of features. What use is that to people? Now they are telling you what to use and that’s not the linux way of doing things.

Since it uses the default system configuration, it looks in /usr/share/themes and /usr/share/icons. just copy the gtk/icon themes to the appropriate directory.

As for the regression, it’s just a matter of every distribution under the sun adopting the 2.24.x branch of gdm before it’s even remotely ready for the prime time (remember it’s a fresh code base, not just a gui overhaul). It will have configuration options ‘eventually’. :wink:

But what about the gui to change the theme? gdmsetup if i remember well.

There’s no gdmsetup atm ;p .

Sorry, just another quick question
How do you change the icons for the users in the login window?
thanks a alot