change from gnome to kde

i am VERY NEW with Suse 11, just installed that, and now i want change from gnome to kde!
PLS make it
easy 4 me
cause iam german
and a girl :wink:

thx cu

Yast - Software Management - Filter the view to Patterns

Check the kde base and desktop patterns.


If you normally get logged in automatically
You also need to do this:
Disable Auto-Login - openSUSE Forums

Now when you login, look at the lower left of the screen ‘Sessions’
Select kde
And login

And Hey: I’m OK with Girls;)

So simple, yet I couldn’t figure it out either. Thanks!!!


I decided to try opensuse 11.2 after a couple of years.Dell laptop m1530. I am soooo happy!!! Everything is working out of the box!! I can’t believe it. This is blowing Debian and Ubuntu clear out of the water. I am spending some time being productive instead of spending days getting things to work. ACK! I love it, I love it, I love it!!

Someone has been working hard and it shows.

Good to know!

You might be interested in this
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Trying to do the same, but what are the “KDE Desktop patterns”? I don’t find any such thing in YaST’s software installer.

Very Helpful! Thank you!

To get the full kde experience you might want to change to these settings: