Change folder/file write permission

Hi there, I’m very new to Linux and am just starting out on Suse 11.1. So far I’m quite impressed, but I have come across a problem I seem to be unable to resolve.

I’ve installed a radio playout system called Rivendell and as part of that I need to change some content of the main configuration file. I am able to access the file which is in the /etc folder. When I change the details and try to save them it comes up with an error message saying I have not got permission to save the amended file.
I have tried changing the permissions on the properties tab of the /etc folder and have tried through Nautilus. No joy there.
I am quite stuck with this problem and am at a loss on how to resolve it. Hopefully you can help.

Not a good idea to change the permissions in /etc.

Press Allt+F2 then enter gnomesu gedit /etc/NameOfConfigFile

This will open the file in the editor with root write permissions