Change default GRUB part 2/ Unable to boot Suse

For part 1, please visit link:

I installed Suse, then I installed Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS.
Now I have Ubuntu GRUB and I cannot boot Suse. I tried sudo update-grub. I have Suse at the boot entry but when I select it, I get errors.


Perhaps posting the errors would be a good idea. At least to the extent that you can…

I managed to boot Suse! There was another boot many entry which was ‘Kernel <code>’. I selected it and it booted into Suse.

Shall I now try grub2-install /dev/sda?

And I have also got back my startup designs…!


I reinstalled GRUB2 v 2.00 using Yast and all my problems have got fixed!!!

Thanx to all of you!!!

I could never do all these without that LDM related command…!!!

Now, I dont have sound in Suse (there is sound in Ubuntu).

When I tested the sound through YaST, it worked! But normally, it is not working.

This should be in the multimedia or hardware forum.

Nope. The link you gave didnt help…But, in Yast, while running a sound test, sound is being played.

I didnt post in the multimedia forum because I thought it was related to zero filling the disk…If, it is not, I will definitely post it there.


PAV is not detecting the sound card which Yast is detecting…

Hoping to solve this problem soon…:smiley:


Looks like it’s about time to post in the multimedia forum.:wink: