Change cursor theme for Gnome Shell login screen


Is there a way to change the cursor theme for the Gnome Shell login screen? I’ve noticed the theme defined for the desktop session and the one for the login screen are different (i.e. if you change the cursor theme in Gnome settings, it won’t apply to the login screen).


In /etc/sysconfig/windowmanager, look for X_MOUSE_CURSOR.

Thank you very much! And do you know the path for the cursor theme for 32 bit QT apps (like skype) if one’s on Gnome Shell 64bit?

The cursor themes are just image files, so they are architecture independent.
They are located in /usr/share/icons/$CURSORTHEMENAME/…

That config file sets the cursor theme globally for the X server, so all applications (32bit and 64bit) should use that theme, unless they override the mouse cursor appearance themselves.

I changed the theme in file etc/sysconfig/windowmanager as you suggested, now all apps including QT apps, use the cursor theme I want. Thank you very much.