Change authentication method on a running system

When I installed OpenSuse 12.2 I chose authentication against a Windows domain. The other choices at this post-installation where NIS and LDAP authentication.
Running linux with authentication through a domain has given me some problem when accessing other linux systems since my user is “DOMAIN\username” instead of just username which it has on NIS.

Is it possible for me to change my authentication/logging method without making a fresh install? In case it is possible for me to change from domain authentication to NIS authentication can I still be connected to a Windows domain while also using NIS authentication to log into my machine?

Some things to consider

  • Depends on what NIS resoures you want to access, if SAMBA authenticated, those SAMBA resources can be configured to use various authenticators including Windows AD.

  • AD can be extended to support various non-Windows resources. I haven’t investigated or tried to implement NIS/AD, but I’d be surprised if a ready-made solution doesn’t already exist.

The best solution all depends on how large your network is, whether you have access to your Network Security (Active Directory, NIS, etc plus the resources like network shares), and finally how important it is to you to support “single sign on” – If you remove yourself from the AD and login only to NIS, then you’ll be losing access to any AD resources.

I haven’t tried, but you can try simply installing/configuring NIS support on your client machine. I’d be surprised if you can’t simply login to your machine locally (not using your AD User Account) and immediately be able to access properly configured UNIX type networking/shares.


All network shares are with NFS. I have added printers by providing the NIS server name to get the printer information from a CUPS-server. NIS client is up and running on my computer, but I do not use it to authenticate login. It also seems my NIS domain name is not the same as the Windows domain name.

I could probably log on my computer locally, but I have not configured any local user. When I tried to create a local user with my regular username I got the message “There is a conflict with the username you entered and another username. The username could belong to an existing NIS- or LDAP-user”. My username is the same for both the NIS domain and windows domain, but Linux prefixes the username for WinD with DOMAINNAME. My NIS user is under /users/username. If i first do a ‘su’ then ‘su - username’ I become that user.

I am not sure how large the network is, but it is a medium size company with aprox 100 employees. Also I do not have access to the “Network Security”.

According to this guide I can change the default authentication method openSUSE 12.2: Chapter 10. Managing Users with YaST
However both Samba client og NIS client has been configured. For Samba I have SMB authentication enabled.

How can I use my NIS user as a local user on my machine? The NIS user har home under /user/username which I cannot change. The only think I am allowed to change about my NIS user is additional groups to put it under.

There is no choice under the NIS configuration to choose authentication like it is with Samba/SMB.

Trying to log into a console on my local computer with my NIS user and password I get the following message.
“User not know to the underlying authentication module”.

Although IMO should not cause the problem you describe (but maybe if I saw your exact attempt to create a local User account I’d feel differently), a fundamental principle of creating/using multiple User accounts is that each should be <clearly> unique. Even if you were to create a local account with the same Username as your Network(AD) account that is the basis for confusion, you would always be doing things and wondering why it didn’t work because you were logged in with the wrong account.

Try again with a different account name?

And yes, if not done automatically you may need to make your Account a member of additional Groups.