Change 'Admin' password

How to change default ‘Admin’ password? Is it possible?

Assuming you are talking about the root password, go to console, become root with su, and change your password with passwd command. It will ask you for new password, retype it and that’s it.

EDIT: D’oh… please ignore this, I thought you were talking about the suse root account… losing my sight…

Head over to""

log in
you can edit your account there

Should be good for the entire Novell & openSUSE domain.

If you change your email, it requires validation; you have to initiate it/

I have installed OBS packages on my server.
The default password for user ‘Admin’ is ‘opensuse’ according to OBS README. I want to change it.

through the frontend. By default its the web page on ip address . If I remember right. That’s where you can access the user management stuff.

thx still helped me