Change account password issue

It shouldn’t be a hard job :

  • type the current password
  • type new password (different form the current one)
  • retype new password (equal to the new one)
    but when I try to change my account password I get always this message :

The password you have entered does not match your current one.
Please press the back button, enter the correct details and try again.
Don’t forget that the password is case sensitive.
Forgotten your password? Click here!

Surely I made something wrong but it seems difficult to believe that
I’m enable to successfully login (so I type the right password) and 30 seconds later
I’m unable to correctly (re)type it.
Also I tried many times even with different new passwords (just the issue was related to the new ones)
but always without success…

On the main/home page of these forums it says somewhere top right:

Need to change your password or email address? Instructions are in our FAQ

That’s not the place to change passwords… head over to the self service portal

Thanks … solved.

What you write is correct … but I didn’t see it because I’ve bookmarked in Firefox the submenu English.

Maybe it would be the case of ‘inhibit’ the menu Change email/password under Settings and/or raise a popup with the right addressing.

In any case, forgive me for the ‘stupid’ question I posted.

The question isn’t stupid.

We are not using VBulletin’s way of identification. There is a central login facility (which means that you e.g. can use the Bugzilla with the same credentials).

But we are not able (at least not at affordable costs) to change each and every place in VBulletin that leads to it’s own password management.

Henk, thank for your exhaustive explanation :good: