Change a leap 15.5 system with many "extra" packages to tumbleweed and retain the, "extras"

I have a leap 15.5 system, where over the years, I have added many “extra” external packages . Some were installed by download from internet and rpm installed or yast installed. Others I have compiled and installed internally by “sudo make install” after compilation.

I am asking whether there is a way to change basic system from leap 15.5 to tumbleweed while retaining all of these “extra” software packages I have installed. In other words, is there a way to just convert the basic system packages to tumbleweed while my extra installs remain intact?

Browse to the URLs in those optional repo files and verify comparables exist for TW. If they do, you may change the files to match. Having them enabled during the switchover from Leap dup is dangerous. It’s best to disable them, do the dup, then add them back one by one and upgrade the specific packages you get from them with a dup specific to that repo using the --from switch.

What you compiled yourself will be invisible to RPM and won’t be touched (unless it happens to conflict with some package which will overwrite manually installed files). Packages that you installed will remain as long as their requirements are still present in Tumbleweed.

Whether your extras will actually work in Tumbleweed is impossible to predict.

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