Cgroups v2 problem with LXC (libvirt)

I updated to kernel 6.4.11-1-default (even I installed vanilla version) and I started getting this error:
“libvirtError: internal error: Unable to find ‘memory’ cgroups controller mount” every time I booted a LXC.

I tried adding “systemd.unified_cgroup_hierarchy=0” to the boot line and the error went away, but it was really unstable (containers stopped working after a while).

After all, cgroup v2 is the way to follow so I replicated the installation in a minipc (Intel N100) and it worked perfectly. So, I did a new installation in the first computer (AMD 5600G) and, again, I got the same error of the beginning.

Everything I found about this error was related to hybrid systems and the transition from cgroup to cgroup v2. Except for the hardware, I don’t find any difference between the two computers (packages installed, users/groups, etc.).